Convert from Dos to Linux

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There are multiple ways to convert file from dos to linux and vice-versa.

I will try to cover most of them in this post

The main reason to convert the file is because windows add control-m at the end of each line, which is problematic in linux because it will be interpreted as a character as the rest of the line and will eventually make some scripts failed.

To see if a file contain control-m all you need to do is :

1- cat –v filename

2- vi filename

To transfer a file without control-m :

Just transfer the file in ascii mode.

Using ‘dos2unix’ and ‘unix2dos’
(the easiest method, if dos2unix is installed on your system)

a. dos2unix filename ---- To remove control-m

b. Unix2dos filename ---- To put back control-m at the end of the line

Using ‘tr’

a. tr –d ‘r’ < file_to_modify > resulting_file

b. tr –d ‘^M’ < file_to_modify > resulting_file

---- To do the ^M ,  press    [ctrl]+v   followed by    [ctrl]+m

c. in both cases after you need to move back the resulting file into the original file

Using ‘vi’ --- Very easy also , if the file is not too big

a. vi filename --- Position yourself on the first line

b. :%s/^M//g --- Then press enter , and voila !

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